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RED Website

Our web-based software has quickly become the gold standard for performing calculations in the field. Residential Energy Dynamics (RED)  continues a 25-year history of providing unique residential energy and building diagnostic software to energy professionals.

Our software offers you the opportunity for precision marketing. 100% of our users specify, design, or install products; perhaps your products. Your sponsorship ad will appear next to our RED Calc Free calculation tools and related User Guides used by energy professionals for determining ventilation needs, insulation requirements, air leakage data, comparing HVAC equipment, or calculating other important building science information.

Why should you spend your advertising dollars with us? First, we have a corner on a niche market; no other company offers software tools like ours. Second, because of the way our website and tools are organized, you can precisely target your market. Third, our tools are credible, robust, and loaded with unique features. Finally, we are the “gold standard” for diagnostic calculation tools.

The primary users of RED Calc Free tools also specify equipment and diagnostic techniques. These users include:

  • DOE low-income weatherization energy auditors, subcontractors, and inspectors;
  • Home performance contractors/energy auditors (non-DOE);
  • HERS/RESNET raters; and
  • Training centers and trainers.

RED Newsletter

REDNEWS, a multi-topic newsletter, is sent out to approximately 4000 loyal users.  The primary articles focus on building science topics, e.g., ventilation, air leakage, proper installation of insulation, or comparison of water heaters types.  Other topics include announcements of new RED Calc tools, where to find RED staff at conferences, or relevant new building science-related standards or codes. Pase newsletters are available at the RED newsletter archive.

We also publish a shorter occasional newsletter of Building Science (BS) Tips. The most recent of these are included in the Blog Archive.

Please let us know if you have a question or comment for us. Thank you.