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The Great Ramp Up of Weatherization

The last 15 months have caused many of us to wonder if we will experience business-as-usual ever again. We have been restricted or prevented from visiting customers’ homes. When it has been permissible to visit a home to conduct an energy audit, complete a . . .

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ASHRAE 62.2 Alternative Compliance Path

62.2 Compliance Paths1 ASHRAE 62.2 has two compliance paths for sizing dwelling-unit ventilation. Normal compliance may be used for new or existing dwellings, whereas alternative compliance may be used

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Air Leakage Metrics, A Rising Star

As new and existing buildings become tighter as a result of our attempts to save energy and slow global climate change, the ability to measure building tightness and convert the tightness to a useful metric becomes more important.

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Effective Zone Pressure Diagnostics

Zone Pressure Diagnostics (ZPD) can be a useful and effective tool for determining the effectiveness of a designated pressure barrier. What can you do to increase the accuracy – or reduce uncertainty – of your results? Following these simple rules will help you hit your target.

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Double-Duty Exhaust Fans: Good or Bad?

The installation of double-duty exhaust fans in existing dwellings is common. This practice can save money and time on the job and provides a simpler ventilation solution for the occupants. But is it a good idea?

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Bees Benefit from RED Tool

It’s getting cold in the Sandhills of Nebraska, so Ed Dekleva, a civil engineer, is becoming concerned about the conditions inside his beehives. 

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