Double Launch!

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New RED Website Launched!
We have launched the new RED website with a new address: Our new site is secure, easy to navigate, easy to get to, and nicer to look at. Please check it out.
The new RED website is many things, which we will explain in due time. But one exciting feature is that it serves as the gateway for RED Calc Pro (more on this below), the enhanced subscription version of RED Calc Free.
If you use the RED Calc Free tools, don’t worry, we will continue to support them. As a matter of fact, they are all on the new website for your use now! We will take down the legacy website ( the weekend of November 3, 2019, so please do your best to begin your move to the new website when you use the RED Calc Free tools. Any bookmarks you have set for the legacy website will automatically forward to, making the shift for you as seamless as possible. 
Here are some pages on the new website that will interest you:
Have fun! More info to come.
RED Calc Pro Launched!
The second stage of our twin launch is RED Calc Pro, the enhanced version of RED Calc Free. As you might know, we have been refining this web application for a couple of whiles now; it’s finally ready for you!
A shortlist of the many enhanced features includes:
  • Mobile friendly
  • Fully functional offline mode; syncs with Cloud when back online
  • Folders for organizing your work
  • Custom folder and tool templates
  • Your data is autosaved to the RED Cloud
  • Customizable reports you can save and print as PDFs (see a screenshot of report above)
  • . . . and much more!
RED Calc Pro is available by subscription, either monthly or yearly. Individual and team subscriptions are available with a two-week free trial (your credit card will not be charged until the end of this free-trial period). For pricing and other details, visit our new website.
You may read the RED Calc Pro Manual to learn about the advanced features of RED Calc Pro. The Manual loaded with screenshots and clear explanations of what our new web app can do for you. Start your subscription today with your two-week free trial; you have nothing to lose and tons to gain!above
Rick Karg

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