What are the TEAM subscription options for RED Calc Pro?

Team Subscription Plans are a great choice for organizations, either WAP agencies or private organizations. As with Individual plans, they may be purchased on a monthly ($18.99) or yearly ($189.00) basis and are renewed automatically until the subscription is stopped. A Team must include two or more subscribed seats. If an individual occupying a seat is transferred to another department,  her seat can be assigned to someone else. This transfer cannot be done with an Individual subscription; this is one of a number of advantages of Team subscriptions. Each team must have an owner/manager (the person paying for the seats), who may or may not occupy one of the seats. The number of seats in a Team can vary over time, for example, additional seats can be added as an organization grows (if seats are added by the owner/manager, these new seats must be based on the same subscription period as the existing seats, either monthly or yearly). If the number of seats is reduced, the eliminated seats will remain active until the subscription period expires, based on month or year. Read more about Team Subscriptions