Known Issues with RED Calc Pro

As known issues are discovered with RED Calc Pro, they will be listed here with details.

Known Issues with RED Calc Free

November 18, 2019 –

RED Calc Free Use with Android/Chrome Devices

Dan contacted us this week with a problem he was having using the RED Calc Free tools on the new RED website. Our Free tools were not fully loading using Chrome on his Galaxy S9 smartphone. We have found the same issue using Chrome on a Nexus 5X smartphone (see screenshot, below). Other, presumably identical phones we have tested work just fine. We are not sure yet what is causing this behavior, but we will continue to look into it.
Work Around
We installed the browser Firefox on the Nexus 5X and the tools work fine. The RED Calc Free tools also work fine with Opera Mini, another browser.
Note: This issue is specific to RED Calc Free; RED Calc Pro works just fine on these Android devices using the Chrome browser. 
RED Calc Free tool not able to load on a smartphone using Android as an operating system and Chrome as a browser. Technicians at RED are analyzing the problem.

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