RED Calc Pro Team

From: $18.99 / month with a 30-day free trial per member


RED Calc Pro Team allows your organization the ability to access RED Calc Pro for less and manage access among the members taking up seats on your Team. The minimum number of Team seats is two, with no maximum number of seats. Each Team must have an Owner and a Manager, who can be the same person or can be separate people. An Owner (the person responsible for paying for the Team subscription), may or may not take up a seat. The person managing the Team, whether an individual manager taking up a seat, or an Owner acting as manager, may change the individuals taking up seats.

You may order a subscription to RED Calc Pro Team either on a monthly ($18.99/mo) or yearly ($189/yr) basis at a discount compared with RED Calc Pro for individual members. Each is renewable automatically until you end your subscription.

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Number of Seats: