RED Calc Free Tools are Moving

RED Calc Free Tools Are Moving!

All of the RED Calc Free tools are now available on our new website! In less than one week, we will close down our “old” website Please start using the new website, as soon as you can.  
If you have not switched to our new website by the time we pull the plug on the old one, you will automatically be redirected to the new website. When you switch you won’t notice many differences; same tools, same great sponsors, but a better-looking website. 

RED Calc Free and RED Calc Pro

Now that both RED Calc Free and RED Calc Pro are available, you can check them out and compare them for yourself. A great place to get a glimpse of RED Calc Pro is in the RED Calc Pro Manual. Many features of Pro are not included in Free, but some are very similar. Two of these are context-sensitive pop-up help, and math on-the-fly. 
Context-Sensitive Pop-Up Help. When using both the Free and the Pro tools, clicking on any input or result label triggers a dialogue box explaining the label. This gives you detailed information when and where you need it. When you are done with the help dialogue, simply click outside the dialogue box to get back to your calculations. Below in Figure 1 is a screenshot of the RED Calc Pro 62.2-2016 tool showing the Pop-Up help for Floor area.
Figure 1. RED Calc Pro context-sensitive Pop-Up help for ASHRAE 62.2-2016 Floor area. This feature looks virtually the same for RED Calc Free and RED Calc Pro.

Math On-the-Fly. When you are using RED Calc Free and RED Calc Pro, you don’t need an extra calculator or your smartphone for side calculations, such as floor area; just use math on-the-fly! This time-saving feature allows you to use simple math notation to perform calculations within most input boxes of our RED tools. The available mathematical operations include +, -, *, /, and “( )”; or addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and parentheses.

RED Calc Free allows math on-the-fly in most input boxes similar to Figure 2, below. The calculated floor area, equaling 2,200 square feet, appears when you click outside of the Floor area input box. If you need to edit the calculation, click back in the Floor area input box and change whatever you wish.

Figure 2. RED Calc Free math on-the-fly for Floor area in ASHRAE 62.2-2016 tool
Math on-the-fly for RED Calc Pro allows all the same math entries, but you must turn it on to use it. When the math on-the-fly button is off, it activates the numeric keypad on your mobile device, but if it’s on, it does not. ​​​​​​​
Figure 3 shows the RED Calc Pro 62.2-2016 section of Floor area with the math on-the-fly feature turned off. Figure 4 shows the math on-the-fly feature turned on, indicated by the blue button.
Figure 3. RED Calc Pro math on-the-fly not turned on for Floor area in ASHRAE 62.2-2016 tool. Notice the math-operations button to the left of the input box. When this button is clicked, it turns blue (see Figure 4, indicating math on-the-fly is ready to use).
Figure 4. RED Calc Pro math on-the-fly turned on for Floor area in ASHRAE 62.2-2016 tool. Notice the math-operations button to the left of the input box in blue, indicating it is turned on. When this button is clicked, it turns math on-the-fly on or off.

Context-sensitive pop-up help and math on-the-fly are very helpful and time-saving features of both RED Calc Free and RED Calc Pro tools. Make sure you use them often.

Rick Karg

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