RED Launches ASHRAE 62.2-2019 Pro Tool

RED has launched the new RED Calc Pro tool ASHRAE 62.2-2019. The tool is based on the just-released ASHRAE 62.2-2019 Standard, with some important changes from the 62.2-2016 Standard. Subscribers to the RED Calc Pro web application can check out this new tool now.
Above is a screenshot of the new RED Calc Pro tool. Those of you familiar with ASHRAE 62.2-2016 will recognize many similarities, in fact, most of the inputs are the same. The major tool sections added or revised for the 62.2-2019 Standard include:
  • A new “Systems Details” section is included in the 2019 tool to reflect two important changes to the ASHRAE 62.2 Standard. First, a filtration (NOT infiltration) credit of 20 percent of the dwelling-unit ventilation is allowed for qualifying air handler filtration. Second, users of the new 2019 Standard must select whether balanced or unbalanced dwelling-unit ventilation will be used. A balanced system, such as an HRV or ERV unit, does not require as much airflow as an unbalanced system, such as exhaust-only or supply-only. This is because an unbalanced system changes the pressure in a dwelling, which results in a lower infiltration rate. For example, using the case below in Figure 1, the required balanced mechanical ventilation of 25.8 CFM becomes 44.1 CFM for unbalanced mechanical ventilation. 
  • A more comprehensive  Alternative Compliance section (“Use Local Vent Alt Comp”), now includes up to three kitchens and six bathrooms. The inputs for the kitchen and bathrooms allow for demand-controlled and continuously-operating exhaust fans, newly installed fans, and openable windows. Additionally, enclosed and non-enclosed kitchens are now included. You may also include custom names for the kitchens and bathrooms, which also appear in the report (Figure 3). Figure 2, below, shows an example of this section of the tool. These new inputs provide better documentation for your reports and allow you to take advantage of options that lead to a zero deficit, such as a continuously-operating 20 CFM bath fan and a 5 ACH fan in an enclosed kitchen.
Figure 2. RED Calc Pro screenshot of the new ASHRAE 62.2-2019 tool, alternative compliance section (“Use Local Vent Alt Comp”).
We have updated the RED Calc Pro report for the ASHRAE 62.2-2019 tool. Using techniques that are similar to the RED tools, details are eliminated if they are not important. For example, “New install” shows for the Master Bath, but not for Downstairs Bath.
Another great feature of the RED Calc Pro tools is shown in a PDF of the tool report, Figure 3; the custom header and the footer. The example footer in Figure 3, below, includes a simple work order for compliance with ASHRAE 62.2-2019.
Figure 3. A screenshot of a RED Calc Pro report PDF of ASHRAE 62.2-2019 tool. This report can be saved as a PDF file if you need it for your records. Notice the custom header (ABC Energy) and footer sections (Ventilation Work Order).
Rick Karg

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