Selected Papers and Research

All papers are by R. Karg unless otherwise indicated

Cellulose Insulation Density
 Cellulose core sampling kit materials list and instructions for use, including core sampling chart, June 2007. The core sampling chart is for the use of 2-inch DWV copper tubing. If another “core” is used with a different inside diameter, this chart must be revised.
 Wall Insulation Density Calculation Forms, 2003.
Wall Insulation Experiments with Cellulose in Maine, October 2003. This is in slide presentation format.
 Sidewall Blowing Tips and Tricks, Bob Pfeiffer, Tom Wilson, and Jim Fitzgerald, 2003.
 Siding Removal and Wall Insulation Techniques, handout for a presentation by Chris Allwein and Dennis Biddle, April 2002.
Project Assessment Report, Phase 2 for the One-on-One On-Site Training Project Conducted for the Northeast Region Weatherization Program, April 2005. This report includes details of blowing cellulose insulation into existing walls during 60 days of training in New England. Core-sampling insulation density results are included. All training was done by R. Karg.

Terminology for Combustion Appliances and Testing
As a trainer and technical writer for the last 35 years, I have become very aware of the importance of using standardized terminology and definitions. I have found this to be especially important in the area of combustion appliances, venting, and combustion safety testing. I have put together a list of terms with some illustrations that I hope will help bring uniformity and enhance communication: Standardized Terminology for Combustion Appliances and Combustion Safety Testing. I welcome suggestions regarding this document.

Carbon Monoxide Measurement 
“Carbon Monoxide Emissions from Gas Ranges and the Development of a Field Protocol for Measuring CO Emissions,” Chapter 5 (starting on page 99) in Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, ed. David Penney, Ph.D., CRC Press, November 2007.
 CO Testing for the Real WorldHome Energy, January/February 2002, pages 30-33.
 Proposed Field Protocol for Gas Range Carbon Monoxide Emissions Testing, July 2001. Annotated version, July 2001.
 Air-Free Measurement of Carbon Monoxide Emissions from Gas Ranges: Analysis and Suggested Field Procedure, October 1998.
 Variation of Carbon Monoxide Readings from Two Propane Range-Top Burners, May 1998.
CO Hot Pot, a tool for standardized testing of carbon monoxide and other emissions from gas range-top burners.
     Making a CO Hot Pot
     Using a CO Hot Pot

Natural Gas Handbook

Building Science
Estimating the Latent Heating Load Resulting from the Curing and Drying of Construction Materials, September 1988, Proceedings from the International Symposium Energy Options for the Year 2000: Contemporary Concepts in Technology and Policy, September 14-17, 1988, Volume 3, pages 3.153-3.164, Center for Energy and Urban Policy Research, University of Delaware.

Zone Pressure Diagnostics charts and a spreadsheet by Anthony Cox and Collin Olson, 2006. Please see the RED ZPD tool (both Free and Pro) for the simple and accurate calculation of zone leakage.
     Flow method House to Zone, PDF chart
     Flow method Zone to Outdoors, PDF chart
     Door method House to Garage (zone), PDF chart
     Door method Garage (zone) to Outdoors, PDF chart
     Flow and Door methods, Excel spreadsheet

Depressurization Tightness Limit (DTL) charts from Maine Weatherization Program, 2012, by Tae Chong and Rick Karg. For the necessary vented combustion appliance depressurization limits, please see Table 1 in Standardized Terminology for Combustion Appliances and Combustion Safety Testing, above. The RED Calc Free and Pro tool Depressurization Analysis is helpful for this topic.
     DTL chart by Chong and Karg, PDF chart
     DTL chart by Chong and Karg, example, PDF chart
     DTL graph by Karg, JPG

Survey of Tightness Limits for Residential Buildings, July 2001. This is an overview survey of building tightness limits (BTL and BTLa) and depressurization tightness limits (DTL) used for residential buildings for energy and combustion-venting analysis.

Psychology of Household Energy-Use Behavior
 The Soft AuditEnergy Auditor and Retrofitter (Home Energy), July/August 1987, pages 30 – 33. Hundreds of home performance personnel have recently rediscovered and read this classic article.