Team Subscriptions for RED Calc Pro

Advantages of Team Subscriptions

Subscriptions for RED Calc Pro may be purchased on an Individual or Team basis. Both are available for a monthly or yearly, auto-renewable period. For organizations, either public or private, we offer Team Subscriptions to centralize and simplify the subscription process.

Advantages of Team subscriptions for organizations include:

  • Reduced subscription price per subscription (seat).
  • Seats (subscriptions) may be assigned to others if a team member transfers to another department.
  • Centralized payment for RED Calc Pro subscriptions.
  • Team Owner/Manager has greater control over seat holders.
    • Seats may be added or deleted at any time.
  • Team Owner may chose to be a member of their team, or not.
Owner Manager Member
Manage billing Yes No No
Invite users Yes, may add managers and members Yes, may add members No
Remove users Yes, may remove managers and members May remove members No
Access membership Yes Yes Yes

Definition of Terms:

  • Owner — Manages billing, may add and remove team managers and members. May chose to occupy a team seat or not.
  • Manager — May add and remove team members. Always occupies a team seat.
  • Member — Has no ownership or management privileges. Always occupies a team seat.
  • User —  A manager or member. An owner is a user if they occupy a team seat.
  • Seat — A “space” or “place” (subscription) purchased by the owner of a team. A user occupying a seat has privileges to use RED Calc Pro as long as the team subscription is valid.

Purchasing a team subscription for RED Calc Pro is similar to purchasing an individual subscription, but with a few differences.

  1. The person purchasing the team must be the owner, in other words, the person who will be responsible for the billing.
  2. The owner must enter a team name upon purchase. This name may be changed later by the owner.
  3. You, as the owner, must decide if you wish to take up — occupy — a seat or not. If you do not, you will not have access to the RED Calc Pro web application. If you decide to take up a seat, which makes you a team member also, you will have access to RED Calc Pro. You can decide to occupy a seat at any time.  You will find a “Take up a seat” checkbox on the purchase form.
  4. The owner must decide the number of seats to purchase for the per-member-priced team. The minimum number of seats that may be purchased is two. There is no set maximum number. The number of seats may be increased or decreased later.
  5. The owner will receive a confirmation for the team purchase by email.
  6. Other payment options are available. Please contact us.
Group with team subscription to RED Calc Pro

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When you purchase a subscription to RED Calc Pro, either an individual or team, you will be registering for an account that will allow you to log in.  As a registered subscriber or team owner, when you log in you will see the My Account dashboard, which includes the details of your account with RED. On the dashboard, you may do many things, including changing your payment method, address, and password. This is also where the team owner and/or manager will manage your team’s seats and other details of your team subscription. Additionally, this is where you Launch RED Calc Pro.

In order to find the “Teams” pages, login and go to My Account. When you get to My Account you will be at the account dashboard. Select “Teams” to manage your team. This allows you to add and delete team members, increase or decrease the number of purchases seats, and designate or dismiss managers.

My Account dashboard with Teams highlighted

Owners or managers may add members to their team by logging in at the RED website and going to My Account > Teams > Add Member. From this page, the owner or manager of the team can add users to the team in two ways:

Team page for adding/inviting members
  1. Registration Link: Anyone that clicks this link can register for the team. The owner or manager can regenerate the link to deactivate the previous link. This method is quick and easy, but less secure than the method below.
  2. Add Member: The owner or manager can enter the user’s email and role to add members to the team individually. This method is secure but requires more work.

The Add Member email received by the invited seat holder looks similar to the one below, but with the team name chosen by the team owner.

Sample of “Add Member” email

The owner or manager can view pending invitations by going to My Account > Teams > Members > “Pending invitations”. From this page, the owner or manager can resend the invitation, cancel the invitation, or change the new user’s role.

Pending invitation page

Once a user is invited to a team or selects the Registration Link, they can register for an account (if they haven’t already done so) and join the team. The process varies for new users and existing users, but everyone must have an account before they can join the team.

When a member joins a team, they can access all the benefits and content associated with the team’s membership plan. Members can view the membership perks from the member area, under My Account > My Membership. From the members’ perspective, the only difference between an individual membership and team member is that the team member has no control over billing or renewals—that’s all managed by the team owner.

Removing a Member from a Team
Owners and managers may remove members. They can do so by going to My Account > Teams and selecting the Remove button. The removed member will no longer be able to access RED Calc Pro. An owner or manager can also change the role assigned to users from this page. If a team member is removed, the seat occupied by the member is not automatically removed.

If an owner/manager reduces the number of seats, there is no refund. However, the removed seat will no longer be included as part of the subscription renewal process at the end of the subscription period, whether that period a month or a year.

This is the team member screen, only visible to the team owner and/or manger(s). You may remove a team member, or set them as a team manager in this account screen. Notice it is also indicated that the team has unlimited seats, three members, and one pending invitation.

The Add Member screen can be accessed from the Member screen.

Members can also choose to leave the team by going to My Account > Memberships > Manage > Leave Team, but they will lose access to RED Calc Pro.

Adding Seats to a Team
After a team is purchased, the team owner may want to adjust the number of seats on the active team. Team owners can add seats to teams with these steps:

  1. Go to My Account > Teams > Team Settings.
  2. Click the “Change Seats” button in the “Actions” row.
  3. Enter the number of seats you want to add to or subtract from your per-member-priced team.
  4. Click Submit.
Team Settings page. The Team Name can be changed here by the owner or manager. The Team Details are also listed.

The team owner will be directed to a checkout page to pay for the new seat(s). For per-member-priced teams, the owner will be charged according to the team per-member price for RED Calc Pro.

If the team membership expires, the team owner can renew the membership subscription by going to My Account > Teams > Team Settings and selecting “Renew”. The team owner will then go through a checkout process to renew the membership.