Two New Tools for RED Calc Pro


RED launched two new RED Calc Pro tools — Pitot Tube Airflow and Units Calculator. Check out the tool guides: Pitot Tool Guide and Units Tool Guide or try them free with our 30-day free trial

New Pitot Tube Airflow Tool

This is an improved and expanded version of our free tool. Instead of entering the k-factor for your pitot tube, you select your model from a dropdown list. RED has done the background research to find reliable k-factors for 27 different pitot tube models. The list includes both single-port and averaging pitot tubes. See the Pitot Tube Airflow Tool Guide for the complete list.

Above, Figure 1, is a screenshot of the new Pro Pitot Tube Airflow tool showing the required inputs and the dropdown menu for the pitot tube devices included. 

Figure 2. Single-port pitot tube. Reading is usually taken at the center of the duct and then multiplied by 90% for average airflow. A common brand of single-port pitot tubes is Dwyer.
Figure 3. Averaging pitot tubes for 8- and 4-inch ducts. These are also sold by Dwyer and others under as their own brand. These are available for other duct sizes. Unlike single-port pitot tubes, these averaging units must be properly sized for the duct.

New Units Calculator Tool

With the new Pro Units Calculator, you can convert from one unit to another for 20 unit categories, including Length, Area, Volume, Energy, Power, Pressure, Flow, and 13 others. For example, within the units category of Length, you can convert from “inches” to “centimeters”, as shown in Figure 4, below. See the Units Calculator Tool Guide for a complete list of categories and units.

Figure 4. RED Calc Pro Units Calculator tool.

You can use Math on-the-fly for the starting input value. For calculations with no units, you can choose “Calculator – Unitless” as the “Units category”. You may use the following for calculations: “+” (addition); “-” (subtraction);”*” (multiplication); “/” (division); “^” (exponent); and “( )” parenthesis.

Because the Pro tools include reports, you are able to document important calculations with this feature. Of course, as usual, Math on-the-fly is available in almost all of the input boxes for RED Calc Pro — and RED Calc Free — tools.

Rick Karg

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